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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A note and some layouts

Tomorrow begins a 21-day fast my church is embarking on together, as a family.  Individuals and families are fasting various things. Many are doing the Daniel Fast.  My family as a whole is giving up media ... the extra stuff that takes up our time like XBOX, TV, movies, internet browsing ... and then each person gives up something specific.  A fast is meant to be a sacrifice, and therefore a purging.  One of my daughters is just addicted to Dr. Peppers, she's giving up all carbonated beverages.  My husband is giving up coffee, he drinks multiple cups each day.  I think tonight I'll make my final decision as to what I should give up for 21 days .. digital scrapping can't be it because I'm on a deadline to get this book ready in time for Dara's graduation, but whatever it is, it is something that I waste time doing.  I will give my wasted time to Jesus, and spend that time instead doing my job, studying my course, digi scrapping on weekends, and studying God's Word in a new way.

So if I'm a little scarce or cryptic or not answering, it's because I'm simply not spending my extra time here, and what time I am spending is strictly monitored to be productive.  Call me back in 21 days :)

Here's a layout I did today using Circle of Life Studio's "Electric Body".  It's definitely an electric kit, all kinds of unusual elements in it!  Is this not a colorful layout?  I love it!  I all this "Electric Dara".

Here's a layout I did this afternoon as a "Bird Cage" challenge at Scrappity-Doo-Dah.  The challenge is to take a mini kit and use everything in it.  Or, for more points, use the full kit.  Of course I used the full kit, had to have those daisies ;)   Funny, I never would have considered such a layout or "story" with these pictures if it hadn't been for the challenge and sudden proverbial light bulb.  I think this might be my new favorite layout!  I call it "God Painted".  I'm making this image extra large so you can read the journaling more easily.


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