Fleur De Scrap

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Heritage collab

You have GOT to see what's coming up at Scraps-n-Pieces!  This "Look to the Past" collab we're making is ... words fail me.  It's stunning.  It's gorgeous.  And you can be sure it's high quality.  I can't stress enough the strictness our Quality Control is at SNP.

Here's a preview of what my part that I just put in QC this morning.  Be watching for the rest of the collab and see what everyone else has been contributing!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Snap!

I've got some new wordart in the store, come check it out!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Speed Scrap #20 - TODAY!

Come join me at a speed scrap!  And see the participation prize I made!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Regular Sales and other Events

Did you know that http://www.scraps-n-pieces.com/ has a weekly sale?  Every Saturday!  Each designer who wants to put something on sale will have a post in the News / Sales  forum.  Look for the "Super Saturday Sales for -date- " thread.  You never know who's going to have WHAT on sale from one Saturday to the next!

Did you know that http://www.scraps-n-pieces.com/ has TWO speed scraps every week?  Log into the forum at www.scraps-n-pieces.com/forum , scroll down to the Challenges category, and click on "Speed Scraps" .  We are currently at Speed Scrap #18 today.  #19 is Dec 5th at 2pm CST with QueenWildScraps, and #20 is Dec 9 at 7pmCST with me!  On the main page of the forum, you can click the link "Calendar", and check to see if it's been updated yet (I'm sending a message in now to see if we can get the SS updated on that pretty quick).  Participate in speed scraps, get a free gift!  I haven't decided just yet, but I think my free gift will either be a cute Christmas idea I've been playing around with, or maybe an add-on to my first and new kit "Sweet Memories".  Any thoughts or preferences?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Memories Layouts

Susan Godfrey Designs made a couple of layouts with my brand new kit.  Aren't they beautiful?!!!

**edited 12/01/2011 .... More layouts. I am so grateful to the creative ladies who have made such pretty layouts with my kit!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Dont' ask where I got the time, I basically stole it.  The time, I mean.  I've been driving myself crazy working full time, studying full time, and sleeping in between.  But a little at a time, then a tough QC, then fixes, then QC again, and here it is.  My very first kit!  Found exclusively at Scraps-n-Pieces

And to celebrate, I've made a freebie page border just for you!

The preview to the border downloads the zip file.  The preview to the kit takes you to my store.  Be the first to buy my first!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thinking about a medical career? It's what I'm doing.

I have 2 months left in my medical coding program, and let me tell you ... it's cheaper than some out there AND it's extremely comprehensive!  It's so comprehensive that when you're done, and you've passed that final exam, you'll also have one year of internship under your belt!

All online! 

This is the letter I got today, if you sign up BEFORE NOVEMBER 30th:
a free laptop! Yes, the laptop offer is here again from now until November 30th.
The laptop is available for students who enroll by the end of November, choose to pay their tuition in a single payment, and are enrolling in any of the medical transcription, medical coding and billing, or the pharmacy technician programs. These students can choose between adding the free laptop or taking advantage of a 10% tuition discount.
In addition to the laptop or 10% discount offer, Career Step is also offering ways for students to save if they need to take advantage of a payment plan or are interested in a training program that doesn't qualify for the free laptop (new Medical Administrative Assistant and Administrative Assistant students can get 10% off their tuition). All students who choose to pay their tuition in 3 payments can take 5% off their tuition.
Be sure to let your contacts know that the laptop offer is now available through Nov 30th!

So if you're thinking you need a good online course to take, they've really made a believer out of me!  Coding, transcription, or pharmacy, check them out now!


P.S.  If you sign up, use me as a referral:  Valarie Rogers.  And if you sign up with them as a coding student, I'll help out whenever I can.  And everyone needs SOMEONE they can call and ask questions of.  The teachers at CS are very good, but occasionally they get snowed under and it takes a while, so it's always good to have a buddy on the side.  I'll be your buddy :)