Fleur De Scrap

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Regular Sales and other Events

Did you know that http://www.scraps-n-pieces.com/ has a weekly sale?  Every Saturday!  Each designer who wants to put something on sale will have a post in the News / Sales  forum.  Look for the "Super Saturday Sales for -date- " thread.  You never know who's going to have WHAT on sale from one Saturday to the next!

Did you know that http://www.scraps-n-pieces.com/ has TWO speed scraps every week?  Log into the forum at www.scraps-n-pieces.com/forum , scroll down to the Challenges category, and click on "Speed Scraps" .  We are currently at Speed Scrap #18 today.  #19 is Dec 5th at 2pm CST with QueenWildScraps, and #20 is Dec 9 at 7pmCST with me!  On the main page of the forum, you can click the link "Calendar", and check to see if it's been updated yet (I'm sending a message in now to see if we can get the SS updated on that pretty quick).  Participate in speed scraps, get a free gift!  I haven't decided just yet, but I think my free gift will either be a cute Christmas idea I've been playing around with, or maybe an add-on to my first and new kit "Sweet Memories".  Any thoughts or preferences?


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