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Friday, September 23, 2011

Twitter spam

Boy, I almost did it this morning! I've moved my laptop into my daughter's bedroom, where she cleaned her desk off for me so I could come home from work and actually study/scrap in peace, rather than being stuck on the dining room table all the time. Our dining room, kitchen, and living room are actually all one big room, very open floor plan, so I'm happy to get out of there. But, when I get up in the mornings, I can't do anything. So I was sleeping a bit later than usual today.

Of course my alarm kept going off, so I wasn't really sleeping. I have an iphone, so being the addict I am, I opened my email, and saw a message from support@twitter.com stating that my account had been suspended for spamming people and trying to follow too many people. To reinstate my account, click the link below for the following offers .... um. Got another email from someone stating that my avatar had been lifted, they thought someone might be trying to duplicate my account, click this link to see for myself ... except I didn't know them, they aren't one of my followers like they claimed. So I jumped up out of bed, got my laptop back on the table, found that my Twitter was just fine, and found in their help page an email to forward such fake emails to.

And I almost clicked that link .... sheesh. I've been on the internet for 15+ years, ever since my 16 yo was a baby. I KNOW all the obvious tricks! And I almost clicked that link ... #shakingmyhead


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